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*** LDN and Opiate Interaction***

Last updated June 23, 2015


Source: Low Dose Naltrexone Yahoo Group

https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/lowdosenaltrexone/ conversations/messages/125882

(Note - Opioid - 1. any synthetic narcotic that has opiate-like activities but is not derived from opium.)

The poster is Swiss and his English is a little stilted but eminently understandandable. {grin} Simo asked this be added "Actually, this is about both opioids and opiates."

We LDN'ers are grateful Simo posted this as it gives hope to those of us who have to deal with pain killers along with whatever ... desperately needed hope. - Swede)

Simo's post

1a Re: LDN and tramadol, morphine and other opioids (full mu agonist)
Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:31 am (PDT)
Posted by: Simo


I'm new to this group so Hi to all. I've had some experiences with opioids due mainly to my health problems. Tramadol, morphine HCL, buprenorphine mainly but in the past some others. I can say not only you can take them together with LDN, but also LDN will help you with the lot of issues that opioids bring.

Just some words of caution. - The only real danger is to unleash a withdrawal reaction. Is called "precipitated withdrawal" and can be dangerous, for not to speak that is pure hell, hard and dangerous to reverse. When happens, you will have to let it pass and is very, very hard. This is the reason because must be avoided at all costs.

This happens when you have already an addiction to a opioids and you take too much naltrexone. Yes, isn't a error, too much. Because you can take naltrexone even if you are addicted to an opioids, but you have to carefully find your dose. Unlucky there are few experiences or studies on the web, but in that few there is at least one experience in micrograms doses. I don't didn't think is useful at so tiny doses, but you can find this experience on the web.

For me opioids are not anymore an option, I have to take them, at least for some weeks,few times each years. Doctors says forever but I cannot accept it. Now the good news : with naltrexone you can reverse an addiction, don't let develop your tolerance and avoid some side effects. This is very personal, is different from person to person, but can be achieved.

My experience was with morphine and tramadol. The first time, I've tried 0.05 mg and was already addicted to morphine. The next days 0.1 - 0.2 -0.3 - 0.4 - 0.5 and finally 0.6 mg. With 0.6 mg I've had a precipitated withdrawal, it happened half hour after the dose. Hit you very suddenly and very hard. At this dosage I was able to reverse withdrawal with another dose of morphine but


Naltrexone is like a block and you have to break it. The risk is to overdose trying to exit from that hell.

This is why I said you have to avoid this situation at all costs. When withdrawal precipitated, you're very upset, you feel very bad, you sweat and you hardly can think clear.You would give your right hand for stop that sickness. Is important to have someone near that know opioids and naltrexone, stay calm and focused (as much as possible) and add the right amount of the opioid you are taking, a dose that you are sure is safe. Don't lose the hope, soon you will get better, just need some minutes. Don't try to make this time more short taking high amount of your opioid, will not work and this is how people dies.

A better way is to increase the naltrexone dose more slowly. I've done a big mistake in my experience but I was lucky. Don't play with your health and your life.

Coming back to my experience, next day was again at 0.5 mg. These number depend from a lot of factors, you have to find yours numbers. After a couple of weeks I've been at 0.55. You have to safely increase your naltrexone dose. Doesnt matter how many time need, you will be grateful that naltrexone exists.

When I reached the 4 week mark was around 1mg of naltrexone, with my usual dose of morphine. One morning I just quit morphine and naltrexone togheter and was Ok. No withdrawals at all, no depression, sleep like usual. After a couple of week I resume naltrexone only with the standard protocol.

I've done that many times now. When I have to take an opioid, I just lower my dose of naltrexone because if you don't do it is almost useless to take opioid.

Source: @RPROUDLOVE. Buprenorphine is a bit different from classic opioids. Is a partial agonist and has a high affinity to mu receptors.

Naltrexone is less effective than I've had with buprenorphine, maybe is a matter of dosage. I've taked buprenorphine but just for some days, so I don't know if naltrexone can protect you from this substance. I will let you know if I will have to take it again.

This is just my experience and should be treated for what is : a single experience. Each person has a different weight, biochemistry, dna, gender, conditions and so on. Is unique. What will work for one person may very well not work for another or he may very well have a different reaction.

I'm quite confident that the use of naltrexone for lessen the side effects, tolerance, addictions for opioids users will bring good results but need more work from medical community, not just experiences. There are doctors that use it after detox from alchool or drugs with wonderful results. But I believe naltrexone can do more than this and at lower dosage with minimun side effects.

Last : The pfizer pharmaceutical company have had a drug called ALO-02 in the process of be approved by FDA. I don't have found any update. Was oxycodone and naltrexone together. Would be very useful to have access at their trials, they have had to do many, especially for approvation. This is a drug to watch carefully. I'm looking for informations, even just someone that use it but until now I've found nothing. Here I'm sure is not on the market. Maybe in USA? If you have any informations, will be appreciated. Thanks.

Be carefully and stay safe.


(Note - If you think this might behelpful to you,
print this page and give it to your doctor.
Also keep in mind this is a single experience
in a single person.

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