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*** LDN - Rationale for using ***

Last updated July 24, 2015

(A few recent posts on the LDN Yahoo Group)

Subject:LDN for bulbar onset ALS

Dear mods and readers,

I received very sad news today regarding a close friend, a 60 year old man, who until about 6 months ago was strong and healthy. But over the last 6 months, he has rapidly declined, losing his speech, and a good deal of his mobility. Today the neurologist diagnosed his condition as bulbar onset ALS. He prescribed Nuedexta, high doses of Vitamin B12 and mild exercise. He said the average life span is 3-4 years.

I asked the neurologist if he would consider LDN for this condition and he said that the patients he has tried LDN on, across a variety of dosages, none of them improved. Doe anyone on this list know if LDN has been shown to have any benefit for this condition.

Thanks for you help.



I think in this situation the question isn't - Will LDN *help* your friend? There will be a whole range of (subjective?) answers to that, starting with the doctor's firm negative to claimed "complete cures" by strangers on the Internet.

The question I think should be - Will LDN ***hurt*** your friend? And the answer to that is (at least in my unmedical opinion and limited experience) an unqualified NO, LDN will not hurt him. And given the almost absurdly cheap cost of LDN, one would be foolish not to at least try it for 6 months. No different than taking a vitamin supplement; or an apple a day; or ....

Think of it in that context rather than as a medicine or a cure. If it helps, great. If it does nothing, then nothing is lost (a few pennies a day).


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Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:59 am (PDT) .

Just to add to Swede's statements. IF the LDN does not "cure" the main problem, it can help to remove/reduce all many of the surrounding problems, so that you your body can better concentrate on the main one. With no fewer colds, flu, depression, allergies, etc. you have the ability to turn your full attention to the illness.


***End LDN - Rationale for using ***