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*** Sources of LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone)***

Last updated May 2017

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Making your own LDN

Updates on medinsight.org, ldnscience.org and buyldn.com


Below is a list of LDN sources compiled by an MS'er. (Gary Boy)
He is no longer able to maintain the list so I've posted it here.
2 trade names for Naltrexone are Nodict and Rivia.
"Secure" sites are noted {SECURE} (A secure site is a site that uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) protocol to ensure that the information transferred between the sender and the receiver cannot be stolen by a third party.)

Tablets delivered in sealed packets (like Nodict) from foreign manufacturers are as safe as anything sold in the US (which are actually probably from the same source) and there should be no concern about counterfeiting.

Pills sold loose are another story. Where known the delivery medium is noted for each supplier. (Note - This warning concerns only the 50 mg pills, NOT specifically compounded doses from a (reputable) pharmacy.)

From: {Gary} lowdosenaltrexone@yahoogroups.com
Sent: 29 May 2014 04:34
To: lowdosenaltrexone@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [lowdosenaltrexone] my last letter

I have enjoyed being with this group over the years. but it is getting more difficult for me to stay active on the computer because of my progressive MS, so I am attaching my letter I would send to new members, in hopes someone will carry my work on. thank you Gary/Gary boy

Hi, below is my Cost Of Pills just to keep everyone up to date and if I find new info from emailers I'll post it here. This is just to keep it altogether, so keep all your experiences coming in, but keep in mind that these are individual experiences and should not be taken for gospel or an ongoing occurrence. Prices were last checked and changed 3/25/14.

FYI: A lady that was going into the hospital was wanting to take LDN with her. For legal reasons one can understand why you can't take your own meds with you. The Dr. told her the hospital could charge her for the Naltrexone or she could bring her supply to the hospital pharmacy and have them inspected by the pharmacy. The pills from River Pharmacy passed with flying colors. I am sure that all the pharmacy's listed here would be the same. This is only brought to your attention for those who are concerned about quality.

Here is what I have collected so far, and keep in mind to check shipping rates and delivery times. It has been brought to my attention that even though a pharmacy lists Pay Pal, it may or may not be used for non Rx items for legal reasons, so don't risk delaying your purchase by thinking you can use P P. Also please keep in mind that these costs do not take into consideration quantity and shipping. This is just a starting point and prices do change.

Some have reported using a Pre Paid Visa, you can get them on line via Walmart.com. as an example. I have heard that Walgreen's pre paid Visa is no longer accepted overseas. If a pill costs on an average $2.50 and makes 50 ml from one 50 mg pill, if you take 1.5 ml dose, divide 50 ml by 1.5 mg, equals 33.3 doses. you can see from that many doses from one pill how the savings can mount since you are paying for the pills yourself. use this website
http://ldn-for-cancer.com/takeldn.html to read how to make your own.



{Note - not all sites list LDN directly so you may have to search for "Naltrexone".}

{SECURE} River Pharmacy (https://www.riverpharmacy.ca)

$1.75 - $4.45 per tablet (depends on amount purchased) and two week delivery. No Rx needed shipped from India but order routed thru Canada. Be sure order totals $160 to qualify for $25 free shipping.

{Note - I have purchased my LDN here. Under $2 a pill in quantity. Comes 10 Nodict pills sealed in foil packets (see picture above). Note also River's suppliers are FDA approved drug manufacturers.- Swede.}


From the website owner - "A few years ago, I was told by my doctor I had Hepatitus C, and probably have had it for 20 years or more. (I'm 54yo) I was shocked, but luckily my liver was ok, but my numbers were way above the normal range. He then mentioned Low Dose Naltrexone and how he had read that people were getting good results for Hep C with LDN.

Our prices are 10 x 50mg tabs for US$39.90 ($3.99 each) . 30 x 50mg tabs = US$79.90 ($2.66 each) and 60x 50mg tabs for US$139.50 ($0.66 each). All include free shipping by Registered Airmail (takes 7-14 days), and also a free medicinal measuring cup."

{Note - I have purchased LDN here and found it reliable. Same packaging as River's (Nodict). Presumably the same supplier. - Swede.}

Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:39 am (PST) .
Posted by: "Mark Robinson" markrobinson6541@gmail.com

CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy

in Cinnaminson, NJ. Great reviews, they ship to over 30 states including Texas, are nationally accredited and they usually ship out in 1 to 2 business day for free. Their prices are by far the lowest I've found anywhere at $46.95 for 90 tablets.

(From an LDN user - 05/2017 -

Dear Ian , and FYI to Swede~
Update to my first order of Naltima 50:
Safe arrival after a SPEEDY 12 days using Moneygram at a Walmart retail store .
All tabs have 2 1/2 yrs until they expire.

MANY MANY thanks Ian ! God's Blessings to you,
Carole in Florida)

From an Italian LDNer (Simo):
About italian formulation :

Producer : Zambon, Italy
Name : Antaxone
Formulation : 50mg/10ml, 10 vials for oral use each package.
Price : 26.42 Euro
Where : in all pharmacies.
Prescription : needed.They usually accept foreign prescriptions.

There is also 100mg/20ml in the italian pharmacopea but was not able to find a pharmacy that has it.Surely has a better price, so if you will have informations, kindly let me know. I will do the same.

(Note - Simo has reported success using LDN in micro doses (.05, .10, .20, ... mg) to manage opiate usage prescribed to ease severe pain. Read his experiences here.


Posted on the LDN Yahoo Group:
Naltrexone pills in Spain Thu May 7, 2015 11:34 pm (PDT) .
Posted by: acuen Hello everyone,

I am a NSCLC patient. I am going to start LDN protocol. But I havent got a prescription from any of my doctors. They have a closed mind. But I am lucky. I'be been reading that Naltrexone has veterinary use. A friend of my wife is verterinary. Se asked her a prescription. Then, I bought Naltrexone 50mg 28 tablets box without problems in my preferred chemist.

So, a way to got it legally is having a veterinary prescription that maybe for someone can be easy to obtain. I will make my own LDN dissolving the latrexone tablets, as shown and explained in several internet sites. I want to say that in Spain, naltrexone tablets are very inexpensive. The 28 pills box costs arround 21 euros.

Hope this can help.


In House Pharmacy This pharmacy has free shipping on any quanity of pills and costs are as low as $2.36 per brand name Naltrexone pills. As of April 2014 this pharmacy now requires a prescription.

http://www.unitedpharmacies.com $2.40-$1.85 /pill $7.50 flat shipping. Some think pills are not good, and there were different taste between packages. One couple told me that their Visa card was fraudulently used after a purchase from them was made. The Visa cards sole purpose was for Naltrexone at UP. Luckily fraud alert was able to stop it before too much damage was done. I also heard a second report about being over charged and a pre-paid card did not allow it to go through, then again, some customers have had no problems at all, use caution.

{SECURE} https://www.canadapharmacy.com $2.70/pill Ordered thru WA. sent from ?

http://indianpharmaonline.com/buy_revia_en-us.htm $5.68/pill at 90 pills. 2-3 weeks to ship. $10.00 shipping.

http://www.alldaychemist.com $1.90/pill No Rx needed sent from Cyprus routed thru ? $25 shipping. They have had 2 credit card hackings reported. Was told approx. 10 day ship, but delivery has been from 3 weeks to 3 months, especially over the holidays. It has been reported that this pharmacy sells its phone numbers. Please be careful what info you give out, sometimes cheap is not worth the trouble. Many customers are very happy with them. Verify if Visa is taken or not before ordering, if you plan to use that card. It has been reported that that someone's card had been hacked for more than a $1000.00 please be careful with this site.

http://shop4ldn.com Will redirect you to BuyLowDoseNaltrexone.com (see link above). Shop4LDN (in Mexico) has directed their customers to the other site (in Thailand I believe).

http://ozpharmacy.com.au $10.00/pill but actually sells them as 4.5mg pills at $.87/pill, and uses a very small amount of Lactose as a filler in their pharmacy made tablets of any made in less than 50 mg. I understand he buys a pure brick of Naltrexone from Germany. RX NEEDED. unable to check prices as site was down.


{SECURE} https://www.globalpharmacyintl.com/India-Pharmaceutical-Industry-Information/indias-world-class-drug-manufacturers

Posted on the LDN Yahoo Group - I buy 120 Naltrexone tablets (4.5mg) at a time for $61 including shipping from Belmar Pharmacy of Lakewood, CO. . This works out to about $15 per 30-day supply. I am unaware of any other U.S. compound pharmacy that is this inexpensive. However, the reason I chose Belmar is not due to price, but because it was recommended to me by Whittaker Wellness Clinic, which provided me with a prescription. Whittaker is a sizable operation in business since 1979 and I trusted their recommendation of Belmar.


World wide list of LDN Prescribing doctors.



http://www.prescribe4me.co.uk . telephone consultation service costs £30 $47 and includes the first 28 days prescription for LDN. You will only be charged if the doctor decides that you are suitable for LDN treatment. Repeat prescriptions are then issued every 3 months, at a cost of £14.50 $23. This is for writing of the prescription only. The LDN will cost £30for pills and £17 for liquid.


(Note - Not many doctors, very few actually, will prescribe LDN (for a variety of valid reasons) so a sort of underground network exists. The best source I have found is a true angel. If you email her with your reason for needing LDN, she will send you a list of doctors in your area who will prescribe LDN. Her email address is ::: Angel In Disguise ldn AT yahoo . com ::: (remove the spaces and replace the "AT" with "@" ). Make sure you put where you live.)



http://www.buyldn.com sells 1-4.5 mg capsuls w/o prescription, Thirty 4.5 mg for $50 including shipping $1.67 per pill.

Note- an excerpt from a message on the LDN Yahoo Group:
It reports on an investigation revealing such malfeasance on the part of an Israeli pharmacy that it was barred from selling anything compounded. That pharmacy is the same as BuyLDN because the street addresses are identical.
The information about a wrongful suit against BuyLDN and the results of assays of their products showing no Naltrexone in some came from 'a highly respected member of this group who wishes to remain anonymous.)

Note- From another member of the LDN Yahoo Group:

Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 00:23:51 -0400
Subject: LDN Source List
From: Langdon Himebaugh


I just came across your list. Just wanted to say I have purchased from buyldn.com and antiaging-systems.com The LDN from buyldn.com appears to be fake. I feel nothing from it. I purchased a 3 month supply. They shipped the product from Italy.

(Note it's entirely possible the LDN was not fake but just this fella's experience.)

The LDN from antiaging-systems.com caused the expected sleep disturbance for 8 days and now continues to ease pain and make me relaxed/sleepy. I believe this is the real stuff. Note that this doesn't come sealed like most medication though. A bit disappointing. I paid through the e-check method and received a call from a company in Chicago to verify my purchase. I purchased a 2 month supply. I have now made a repeat purchase for another 2 month supply.

I do hope to get a prescription soon so I can buy from Skips.



This is the only place I know to get LDN 4.5 mg without prescription so it is good to know about.
They are in GB but transactions go through Panama. Good reputation. Their billing is now done in Mexico. This caused my VISA bank to block the purchase. I was able to complete the order by calling the bank, but they gave me only a few hours in which to finish the order. This bank is blocking every transaction in Mexico. Purchase knowing the above.

http://skipspharmacy.com The premier supplier of compounded LDN in the US.

http://www.belmarpharmacy.com Lakewood Colorado
100 ea 4.5mg LDN tablets are $51.00 with free shipping. Prescription is required. We offer free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. and only accept prescriptions that are based on a face-to-face medical consultation by the customer's physician (except where expressly permitted by law).

http://dartnellspharmacy.com.au A compound pharmacy used in Melbourne Australia. For 90 x 4.5 mg gel caps of pure Naltrexone powder with Avicel filler about $1.00 US a capsule.

http://www.womensinternational.com 4.5mg caps 30 day supply $18.00 Rx required

http://www.irmatpharmacy.com New York pharmacy, requires prescription.


For reference, Costco sell Naltrexone 50 mg. 30 pills at $47.08, prescription required.

Many people have problems with Candida, so I thought I would list the drug Lufenuron for control of Candida which is available at http://shop4ldn.com among other places.

Scientific Research into Low Dose Naltrexone is not supported by drug companies. A number of researchers own patents on different uses of LDN and they kindly permit individuals worldwide to use these important medications without restriction. In order to assist in supporting the important scientific research into LDN we will list pharmacies that have agreed to donate some of their profits to LDN research. http://www.ldnscience.org/ldn-a-ogf-suppliers

Normally I don't list US pharmacies that require a prescriptions but had a request to post this one.
The Medicine Store (Marty Donovan)
Concord, New Hampshire
Tel: (603) 225 2747
Prices are as follows and please add $5 for shipping (only within the USA)

2.0mg $41.23 for a 90 day supply
3.0mg $45.74 for a 90 day supply
4.5mg $50.23 for a 90 day supply
He can supply different dose, whatever the script says. What is being used is pure Naltrexone powder with lactose or cellulose as fillers, but is open to corn starch and researching others. If anyone has an issue with fillers, please talk to him, he's happy to help. The company he gets the Naltrexone powder from provides a certificate of authenticity as they test the LDN.

A list of reliable compounding pharmcies.

The sender of this email is not responsible or liable for its content.


Many many many thanks to Gary Boy for maintaining this list for as long as he has (years?).
Thank you isn't strong enough.


Note - If you have additional sources or bad experiences with
any of these suppliers please email me: Swede and I'll post your update.

You can find more on the reasons why LDN is so under known here http://www.SwedesDock.com/LDN

Summary of Stanford Study of LDN as anti inflammatory
Pass it on to your skeptical doctor.

Doctor Delany's most EXCELLENT list of LDN links.


(An email from an LDN user.
I duuno how valid it is.)
Hi Swede,

Thanks for your LDN source page - very helpful. I have a tip I thought I’d pass along.

When I buy online I use MaskMe, and it works like a charm right in one’s web browser. Their free offering generates masked email addresses and secure passwords only; but a $5 per month/$45 per year premium account adds masked (MasterCard) credit cards and phone number that will ring at your real phone.

Currently, the companion smartphone app only allows for viewing and deactivating emails/masked cards and initiating phone calls with the masked number. That said, their sibling product, DoNotTrackMe will be incorporating all of the features of MaskMe in both browser and smartphone products, and, MaskMe users will be able to migrate over after the next major release in September. So, those interested may want to check out DoNotTrackMe.

Hope this helps someone,

Brian M
(End of the list of LDN Sources)

LDN Preparation & Usage

(Note- By compounding your own doses, LDN can cost as little as 5 cents a day (@3mg dose).

Ask your pharmacist for a 50ml bottle. He has them for liquid prescriptions, Probably won't charge anything. While at the pharmacy pick up a small 10 ml syringe ($4?).

To make LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) fill the small bottle to the 50 ml mark with filtered water. If no filtered water, use fresh bottled water. (Tap water likely has chlorine or other additives and may affect the mixture.) Put a 50 mg pill of Naltrexone in the bottle, let it dissolve until the pill disappears. You now have a solution of liquid Naltrexone. When ready to take it, just draw the solution into the syringe and measure out 3 ml into a glass of water or juice or milk or …

(Note- it will be more convenient to put 100 or 150 ml in a small jar and dissolve 2 or 3 pills in it. A baby food jar works very well. Much easier to draw the LDN from a wide mouth jar rather than a prescription bottle.

Liquid LDN will stay good for a month(s) or more in the refrigerator. Many people don't even refrigerate as LDN is very stable. When the solution settles there will be some white solids on the bottom. Not to be concerned, it is only an inert filler used to make the tablets.)

Dosage can be greater than 3 mg. 4.5, and even higher, has been found to be effective as well, each individual has to find his own level. Dosages higher than 5 or 6 (say) probably should not be taken as at some point, LDN is thought to be counter productive in that the higher doses of LDN are thought to actually lower endorphin production.

Doses lower than 1 mg are thought to not work at all but may in some people. As a general rule lower is better, with 3 mg thought to be the optimum dose.

Take daily though it's not a strict rule. It's best taken at bedtime though it can be taken any time. The ONLY known side effects are sleep disturbances (maybe 1/3 of users) that disappear after a week or so. Some also experience vivid dreams (not known if that disappears after a week or not). Some people take it during the day for a month or so to avoid sleep disturbances, then change to bedtime dosing. Or stay with daytime dosing if that's more convenient and it seens to be working for you.

The reason it should be taken at bedtime is that between 2 am and 5 am has been found to be the time of maximal endorphin production/restoration which in turn works to “balance” the immune system (there may be other factors at play as well). LDN is out of the system in about 4 hours (depending on dosage) so taking it at bedtime should have it out of your system during the time of maximal endorphin production.

How long it takes to be effective in any individual varies individually. Some report definite improvement in just a few days and others say it can take months, but virtually ALL MS'ers (95%+) have found LDN to stop MS progression and some have been taking it more than 25 years . Some even report “regressing” to a previous level. All report having a much improved quality of life.

The cheapest way to get LDN is to get a doctor's prescription (Revia or Nodict) for a month's supply of 50 mg pills (about $60) which will will be over 2 years supply (@3 mg per day). If you can't get a prescription it cost $150 (60 pills)from www.RiverPharmacy.CA (NODICT brand name from Sun Pharmaceutical in India, a well respected company.) It will take two weeks to get. (Note this is where I get mine. - Swede)

I have only ordered from 3 sources myself:

1) a Mexican online pharmacy no longer online - which sent individual pills. (Might even have been from the same outfit you named above)

2) River Pharmacy - A Canadian online pharmacy. Ordered several times. Came in vacuum sealed packages (Nodict) from the manufacturer. Decent prices. Reliable. 2 -3 weeks delivery.

3) Buy Low Dose Naltrexone - Located in Thailand. Same Ntx source (Nodict) as River and same delivery time. Lowest prices of all. Has proven reliable