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Sandy Part 1

(This was posted on Discuss Lavallette forum Sat Nov 3, after we evacuated the previous night. Sandy visited on Oct 27 & 28.)

I was a slight tad off in my prediction of the seriousness of the storm. See what I predicted when asked how severe I thought "it really was going to be" and here was my reply:
>>>In a message dated 10/28/2012 1:20:40 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, gosta@SwedesDock.com writes:

>>>While not downplaying the seriousness of what is going to be a severe rainstorm, it's my opinion that it really won't impact Lavallette that badly. Places that normally experience flooding will get flooded, but that's about it. Maybe a few downed power lines. No severe beach damage. No boardwalk damage. If we were in the corner (like Sandy Hook) then possibly, but not likely. It takes sustained strong easterly over several days to cause significant ocean damage and we aren't going to have that.

>>>IMO the media are over hyping, as they always do.


My reasoning was the winds were predicted to be mostly northerly to northeast and not all that high (50-60 mph). We had an airless wood stove for heat, gas for cooking, plenty food, ... What could happen? Been through plenty bad storms before.

I was okay on my prognostication up until about two o'clock pm on Sunday (or was it Saturday? Time really flies when you're having fun. {grin}). I was watching the wind about every half hour and it held pretty much northerly but the dunes at the end of the street had disappeared by about 2 pm.

167 - Street end of Trenton day after. No more dunes.

I figured it was northeast offshore building the seas and the northerly was having a severe scouring effect on the beach. (High winds are not uncommonly from North on the beach and Northeast a few miles offshore).

(Power went out about 3 pm, not unexpected, a few lines probably down I thought).

Well okay so far, not too much water coming down the street, mostly just on the south side.Then it got heavier and pretty soon a 20' wide river on each side (6-8" deep). Foam blowing in round balls - about the size of a golf ball - sometimes so heavy it looked like a snow blizzard .

(34) - looking across at 15 & 17 - about 1 pm I think.

Hmmm..., getting serious now. About 3.30 or 4.00 I went out to check the wind again and now I couldn't get to the east end of the porch to see the weather vane, blowing so hard. The wind had shifted to due east to south east (the absolute worst direction for beachfront damage). Oh boy, we're in the soup now.

And we were.

Pretty soon it was a sold river running across the whole street (80' wide). Rising. Fast too (I'd bet 15-20 mph). I still wasn't overly concerned. The house wasn't shaking (houses east of us were blocking the bulk of the wind.). We NEVER had water up to the house (not in the March 62 Northeaster when it never blew less than 60 mph for 60 hours straight, not even in the 92 Easterly - which had the highest water in anyone's memory, by far. (It blew East to Southeast 40 to 60 for about 40 hours) Until now {uh oh})

About 6 oclock it started coming in through floor around the toilet. By 8, it was up to the top of the fourth (fifth?) stair on the spiral staircase going to the second floor. About 8 it stopped coming in and by midnight it had pretty much all drained out. We got bit by the surge.

I measured the water line at about 33" on a wall.

Daylight the next morning I saw how 1 car parked out of the wind in the eastern neighbor's yard (10 Trenton) had floated out and turned into our driveway. Got about halfway in where it apparently stalled (astonishing really).

Our other car I had parked across the street at 11 (again out of the wind, - I'm a careful fella, you know) and it had floated and turned sideways. In both cases the water line was over the seats (glove compartments filled with water). Sand a foot high in the middle of the street from the ocean end to about 16.

72 - Our wayward cars

We (Grandma and I) stayed until Friday when police told us everyone had to leave. I rode out with John Corney (our wives went out by bus). John is at his daughter's in Point Pleasant Borough (NOT the Beach which was hit pretty good as well) and we are at a friend's house in Point as well. Damage enough here too. mostly trees and power lines down. Still no power in large sections of town.

Okay enough fun. The south end of town looks to be the worst with probably every house from say number 8 west to the bay flooded (except those on 3' pilings.) if not physical damage - major to minor. I would guess every car left in town was destroyed with the exception of those like John's which was parked at the top of the street (John lives at 1 Newark) where only his cellar was flooded.

I got a lot more, a lot more (ie 100+ pictures of Trenton, Newark and Dover) but enough for now. I'll put them up probably tomorrow or early next week.

There is an official version with good info (and pics) at www.Lavallette.Org


Oh, and I just spoke to my cousin who lives in Oceanport (Monmouth County) who had severe damage there (maybe not as bad as ours, but bad). Her daughter works for the town of Sea Bright and has been going in to help clean up. Water was as deep as 17 feet, water in the second stories of those houses it didn't wash away.

Seas came over the seawall and broke every east facing window in every store and washed all the mechandise out. In North Sea Bright there were a bunch of beach clubs (I don't know how many) and virtually every one was destroyed, washed into the street if left at all.)

End Sandy Part 1

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