Swede's Dock

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Sandy Part 2

47 - Looking out from the backyard a little before it really got wild while it was still northerly. I think this was around 3 pm.

Note all the foam collected by blown off the top of the "street rivers" into the side yard. I got quite a bit of foam on me taking this shot. The wind is still northerly here.

The ocean hasn't filled the across the whole street yet. The water is only a couple inches deep in the driveway so far.

49 - Just a little later. Water is higher now. Up to the neighbor's porch and mine yard too, only a couple inches lower. I'm standing on a boardwalk in my yard.

51 - See that big bush in the center of this shot? That's where Grandma's car was still parked at this point. Backed in at an angle facing the street. You can't see it because of the fir(?) tree in the foreground.

About 4 pm, when I tried to check the weather vane and the wind had come around to the east, the water was up to the bottom of the headlights and the lights were on.

End Sandy Part 2

"He can compress the most words
into the smallest idea of any man I know."
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

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