Sandy Part 3

59 - Here's Lavallette's electric utility linemen examining a transformer that has broken off and fallen. (You can make it out at the base of the pole if you click on the high res version.) These are tough guys. In 92 I saw them repair a downed wire at the height of the '92 Easterly. This pic wastaken around noon I think.

On the bottom right Grandma's car can be made out where it was initially parked.

111 - Her car was backed into the yard right up to that big bush in the upper right hand corner, pointing to the street at about a 45 degree angle.

And here's where it was at the next morning. Grandma loves that car more than any she ever had. I told her it loved her back and was trying to get home to her after being mortally wounded. {grin}

The car floated out of the neighbor's yard just as pretty as you please. Not a scratch on it. Never hit the fence or anything.

See my SUV turned in the neighbor's yard across the street. Best car I ever owned. I loved it as much as Grandma loved hers. Apparently it didn't love me enough to try and get home, though.

End Sandy Part 3

"He can compress the most words
into the smallest idea of any man I know."
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

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