Sandy Part 5

(Updated 11/7/2012)

64 - Around noon - Here comes the gazebo. I think that's where the wood is coming from. The boardwalk comes later all in one piece (later pictures). Notice how my SUV across the street is parked straight in.

70 - Around noon - This shot is of the back yards of 14 & 16. Notice the gray deck at 14 is surrounded by a low wall. The deck floated up and stuck on the top of the wall now. Other than the inevitable flooding of the inside of the house I would estimate to be over 3' based on how much I flooded (33"), that's about the only physical damage 14 sustained.

33 - The firewood stack 4' high (4 cords of it). The main reason we decided to stay. We expected power loss but werern't worried. The stove would keep the whole house warm, even heat water. The next morning there was barely a stick left to be found. An what was almost too wet to get burning. Ah, the best laid plans of mice, men and Swedes and all that. {sigh}

27 - Looking at 4, 6 & 8.

55 - Sea foam build up in my side yard. All those garbage can were filled with fire wood. (and more artound front) I always do that when anticipating nasty weather. Can just pop out the door and grab one. Each can holds enough wood for a day.

They were gone the next morning too. More best laid plans. {sigh}

73 - Monday Morning - The sun is out and it's a pretty day.

End Sandy Part 5

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