Sandy Part 7

(Updated 11/10/2012)

84 - Looking at Oceanfront North side, You can just see the street raised up at the end. It was actually much higher than it appears hear. The Oceanfront house sstained quite a bitof damage in fromt. (later pic).

85 - Looking at 4 & 2.

86 - Looking at 2 & South side Oceanfront (2401 Ocean ave?.

87 - Looking at 2 & 4.

88 - Elaine Feister and friend Monday morning.

89 - Mike and Elaine Feister wondering where it all went.

90 - South side Oceanfront.

91 - South side Oceanfront street.

93 - North side Oceanfront street.

97 - Looikng west from top of Trenton

End Sandy Part 7

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