Sandy Part 9

(Updated 11/10/2012)

97 - Looking East on Trenton from the top of the street.

98 - 1 Trenton with a convenient walkway to cross the street.

99 - Mrs Pfister & Daughter Meredith of 18 Trenton Avenue fame taking a leisurely stroll on the boardwalk. And haven't we all enjoyed that once in a while? (Click on the picture to see Eileen Pfister.)

100 - The exclusive café at 6 Trenton. Miss Pfister is waiting to escort you in.

A02 - My ponds before Sandy (back of 12 Trenton). Note - the iris and reeds in the top pond were cut a couple weeks ago for the winter. Shouldn't have bothered. The salt water is likely to kill them anyway. {sigh}).

102 - After Sandy watered them.

101 - Now I can walk on water. {grin} Note the top of that pond is chest high (on a medium sized man) and the boardwalk floated over the top.

103 -

End Sandy Part 9

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