Sandy Part 10

(Updated 11/10/2012)
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107 - Looking East in the backyards on Trenton (2 to 10) from my second deck.

108 - Another view

109 - The wires look like a spider web. (Monday morning) NOte in many houses where poles fell the services (meters) were ripped right off the wall.

112 -

114 - 11 & 13 from my deck. That's my car which apparently died in the effort to turn around and return to the comfort of home.

115 - 15 to the highway, Monday morning.

116 - 17 & 19

118 - Looking west to the highway.

121 - Side yard of 14.

123 - Side yard of 14.

127 - My front yard where I had just gotten 4 cords of wood stacked and covereed plus about 10 cans (each can good for 1-2 days) full of wood ready for the winter. {sigh}
If anyone finds any, a return would be appreciated. No reward for anything under a cord though. {just kidding}

End Sandy Part 10

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