Sandy Part 12

(Updated 11/10/2012)
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140 - 11 Trenton

144 - 8 Trenton

145 - 8 Trenton spilling over into 10's back yard.

146 - 8 Trenton's back yard.

147 - 8 Trenton's front yard.

152 - 8 Trenton's side yard.

154 - 4 Trenton's back yard.

156 - 4 Trenton's tv room, now a drive-in (if anyone remembers them. Ah, the old days {sigh). Never had hurricanes like this back then. {sob})

159 - The back of 4 Dover Avenue. You can see right through it. Trenton Ave wasn't good but Dover Ave starts where it get REALLY REALLY bad. {tears} Ortley got really hammered.

No matter how bad you may think you have it, it's nothing if you've seen Dover. I took a lot of pics of Dover but I think even my camera gave up the ghost when it saw the damage because they weren't on the XD card when I dl'ed the pics.

161 - I think this is the back of 6 & 8 Dover.

End Sandy Part 12

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