Sandy Part 17

(Updated 11/22/2012)
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There is a form at the bottom of the page. If you could leave a comment/observation/thought about any of the pictures (or anything else storm related) in it, I would greatly appreciate it. When this crisis passes (as it will), I'll compile the notes and post them on a separate page.
Thanks, Swede.

215 - Looking West from Grand Central and Trenton

227 - Looking east on Trenton from mid block. The boardwalk is on top of a fire hydrant on the left side.

Cars 2 - Drowned cars and loose boats stored on the ballfield.

Snow 2 - As if being flooded, without power, and homeless weren't enough, We got 6-12" of heavy wet snow on top of everything else. It brought down power lines all over the state.

3 Weeks Later (3) - Going back home on Trenton

After_18_Days (1) -

After_18_Days (4) -

After_18_Days (5) -

After_18_Days (6) -

After_18_Days (7) -

After_18_Days (8) -

End Sandy Part 17

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