Sandy Part 19

(Updated 11/23/2012)
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After_18_Days (20) - 4 Trenton - got a red sticker - Unsafe to enter - was moved off its foundation (slightly). Was 2' of sand inside house. Crawl space (3'+) filled to floor joists. Recall the entire wall of a back room addition was gone, it gave entry to the house for the sand.

Given the amount of sand inside this house and some others, the streets, yards, etc, there must have been a veritble river of sand.

After_18_Days (23) - Between 2501 Oceanfront & 2 Trenton, 2 Trenton got a red sticker too. I *think* 2 & 4 were the only houses on Trenton to get stickered.

After_19_Days (28) - This "sand dune" came out of 8 Trenton's yard and back house (which had 2' of sand in it.). And he was still piling on.

I would estimate the final pile was 20' long, 10-15' wide at the bottom and 8' high when he got finished.

After_19_Days (29) -

After_18_Days (19) - Sand pushed from center of street to the curb. Note that porch is about 3' high.

After_18_Days (24) - We had a power outage. Ya think?

Sandy (73) - River of sand - It's about 1' deep in the center of the street at this point.

Sandy (80) - River of sand - It's solid from the house on one side of the street to the house on the other side. Down to about 16 or so where it drops off quickly.

From about 12, the street levels (more or less) off and that's why the sand (I think) backed up between 16 and the ocean end.

After_18_Days (25) - 2404 Oceanfront & Trenton

After_18_Days (22) - 2501 Oceanfront & Trenton

There is a form below. If you could leave a comment/observation/thought about any of the pictures (or anything else storm related) in it, I would greatly appreciate it. When this crisis passes (as it will), I'll compile the notes and post them on a separate page.
Thanks, Swede.

End Sandy Part 19

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