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Kevin my son who is a shop teacher and has a pretty good knowledge of building, etc told me to get chlorox (dilute with water) and start spraying the walls to kill the mold that's already growing and and stop/slow the growth of more. Impossible to get it all but but every little bit helps.

I got six gallons of Chlorox and picked up a garden type bug sprayer (holds a gallon) for when I go down tomorrow. I don't know what the effective dilution ratio is to water to be effective (2% Chlorox?) but you can bet your bippy I'll have it strong enough.

The mold had already grown up 1.5' - 2' already. If it doesn't get stopped he said it will continue to grow to the ceiling and infect that too. As the water is already in the walls (soaked into insulation and sheetrock) will migrate up. He's not kidding. He punched a hole in the wall near the bottom, pulled out just a handful of insulation and wrung out at least a cup of water. Big cup too, not one a those ditsy little delicate demitasse things.

When you first go in your house, open as many windows as you can to air it out. Wear a respirator if you have one, at least a mask if you don't. Don't stay very long in the house without a respirator if you smell a strong musty odor (as you will when first entering). One or two of us is/are getting along in years and really don't need to get sick now.

Tip - Buy or rent a torpedo heater to dry out your house (if you have a source of electricity). Put it in the crawl space (after you have removed the insulation, or not). It uses kerosene, but if you own it it can very likely burn diesel fuel (much cheaper than kerosene. $4 versus $10) even more effectively (more BTU's per gallon). DON'T try diesel if the heater is a rental just in case the heavier diesel clogs the burner. Likely not a big deal to fix but ...

Here is a good video about from the NY Times:
SCIENCE Video Library Player: Mold May Pose Risk to Hurricane Victims : Emily B. Hager
As residents return to their homes after Hurricane Sandy, they are airing them out in frigid temperatures and even throwing out cherished items in an effort to prevent mold growth
Click Here
Click Here Mold Testing kits ( I am NOT recommending this company, only providing the link.). I ordered 3 for myself.

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I hope to have a "memoir" of experiencing the riding out of Sandy and to put up a bunch (200+) pictures taken of Trenton, Dover & Newark during and immediately after the storm.

The pictures are all high res (2048 x 1536) and may take a while to load. The display will be 800x600 and clicking on the picture will display the full magilla.

I will keep the pictures to about 10 per page to keep load times reasonable.

(Check back every few days to see if new stuff posted. I don't expect to get it all done tonight. Am still pretty tired {sigh}. Only got off the island a couple days ago. Late Friday, Nov 2nd.{sigh}).

Don't seem to bounce back as easily as I did a mere 40-50 years ago. {really deep sigh}

Damn this old man syndrome. {aarrrgh}

There are a few duplicates as it has been a little difficult for me to keep everything straight. {sigh}

There is a form at the bottom of each page. If you could leave a comment/observation/thought about any of the pictures (or anything else storm related) in it, I would greatly appreciate it. When this crisis passes (as it will), I'll compile the notes and post them on a separate page.

Thanks, Swede.

  • Part 1 (Updated 11/6/2012)
    To start off, here is my first report (initially posted on DiscussLavallette)
  • Part 2 (Updated 11/6/2012)
    These were taken around 3 pm before the street filled up when the wind came easterly.
  • Part 3 (Updated 11/6/2012)
    Linemen out already and the storm's not even here yet. Around noon.
  • Part 4 (Updated 11/6/2012)
    Our kitchen and living room.
  • Part 5 (Updated 11/7/2012)
    Miscellaneous pictures.
  • Part 6 (Updated 11/9/2012)
    4, 6 & 8 Trenton views.
  • Part 7 (Updated 11/10/2012)
    More Trenton views.
  • Part 8 (Updated 11/10/2012)
    More Trenton views.
  • Part 9 (Updated 11/22/2012)
    More Trenton views including eastern street end. My ponds before and after.
  • Part 10 (Updated 11/10/2012)
    More Trenton views including to western street end.
  • Part 11 (Updated 11/10/2012)
    More Trenton views including to western street end.
  • Part 12 (Updated 11/10/2012)
    More Trenton views including one of the sinkholes at the bottom of the ocean block.
  • Part 13 (Updated 11/11/2012)
    Backs of some Dover houses and Beach Views. {sobbing}
  • Part 14 (Updated 11/11/2012)
    Beach views
  • Part 15 (Updated 11/11/2012)
    Beach views & houses on Trenton Avenue.
  • Part 16 (Updated 11/11/2012)
    Grand Central & Trenton Avenue sinkholes.
  • Part 17 (Updated 11/23/2012)
    Fixing up.
  • Part 18 (Updated 11/23/2012)
    More 1st days back.
  • Part 19 (Updated 11/23/2012)
    Rivers of sand

  • Part 20 (Updated 12/18/2012)
    Sandy's Kitchen

  • Part 20 (Updated 1/22/2013)
    Foam insulation pictures.

  • There are 200+ pics linked here. A few may be duplicates (sorry) but it was difficult keeping track trying to group them.

    I had a lot more of Newark & Dover but I think my camera just refused to absorb any more sorrow when it saw Dover Avenue and south. It's REALLY bad.

    Why I think Dover got hit so much worse than Trenton and north is that Lavallette has a bulkhead running along its whole length at the street ends inside the boarwalk. With the seas being driven ashore more or less from the northeast (or north of east anyway) the lower parts that didn't go over the bulkhead were driven to the south, running along the bulkhead at velocity and power pushing in from more seas driving ashore.

    When they reached the end of the bulkhead at Dover Avenue, they roiled around it into Ortley Beach, which has no bulkhead. Envision water running across a table top and falling off the edge. Now add the unimaginable power of monster seas driving ashore pushing that "river" ashore, adding impetus, as it "falls off" the bulkhead.

    That's my theory anyway. But then again what do I know?
    Just a tired old broken down commercial fisherman. {sigh}

    As the Newark Avenue (which isn't too bad, more or less like Trenton. Maybe a little more sand on the street and yards.) pics came after Dover, it just refused to register any more, even though it tried (went through the motions (click, whiz, etc.).

    If any of my neighbors want to contact me about the condition of his property, Click here to email me at XXXgosta@SwedesDock.comXXX. (remove the X's before sending).
    Aerial views here:
    Mantoloking is photo #7
    Normandy Beach #8
    Seaside Heights #9 and 10.

    Geographically, Lavallette is between Normandy and Seaside on the barrier island.
    Slide your cursor left-right over the image to see before and after. Unbelievable. (courtesy Jim Babarito)
    LOTS more local information on Discuss Lavallette Click here
    You don't have to be a member to read messages or if you want to join and have trouble signing up, Email me (XXXgosta@SwedesDock.comXXX - remove X's) and I'll take care of it (Sometimes Yahoo can be sticky. {sigh}).

    You can indirectly pass messages on to Mayor & Council through here as several of M&C read the forum. No guarantee any of M&C will see it though as things are understandably chaotic and they may not be monitoring at this time.
    The actual web address of this page is: http://www.swedesdock.com/Lavallette/Sandy/index.html
    First views of South Sea Bright. The town proper is north (1/2 mile+?) of here. My cousin, born and raised in Sea Bright (and whose daughter works for the town and is in and out every day) said full seas coming over the seawall broke out every east facing window in the business district and washed all the goods out to who knows where.

    (Later) Another cousin (a first cousin's son) lives in Sea Bright (third generation, his grand father settled there after coming over from the old country - I'll leave it to you to figure out which country {grin}) stayed. Sea Bright has experienced more flooding over the years than Carter's got pills so what's the big deal?). Anyway when the water reached the ceiling on the first floor and started into the second, he tied himself to something (a radiator?) so he wouldn't get washed away if the house got loose and floated away. How's that for courage? (Note his wife and kids evacuated before the storm.)

    There are lots of YouTube links of different beach towns on this page. Belmar, Keansburg, ...
    Lots more pictures to go. Check back daily.
I complained about my shoes,
Until I saw a man with no feet.

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