Swede's Dock

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Pictures taken July 2007

Top 1
A view of the main pond from the second deck.

Even at this distance the bottom of the pond (30" deep) can be clearly seen (light areas). The dark area in the foreground where a few fish are is large sandstone rocks stacked to form little caves and grottoes for the fish to hide in.

The (hardy) lily pads in the center are in a large tub (18"w x 36"l x 14" deep), sittiing on two milk crates, and is only a few inches from the surface. The lilies have been in there 12 years now. Dunno how they survive as the big lunk koi occasionally get in the tub and root around (pests). I had it covered with a plastic grate of 2" squares but they eventually busted a couple fasteners and got in anyway. Used to have saggiteria in there that came back every year but they got that.

The gray garden hose hanging on the rail is municipal water. The white hose is hooked to a pump in the pond. I use it to water all the other plants in the yard (including the petunias in the corner of this picture). Just turn on the gray hose to replace what comes out of te pond. Works pretty well. Pond gets new water and yard plants get healthy non-chlorinated "pre-treated" water (fertilized by fish wastes, water plants, etc.).
Top 1
A view of the extension from the second deck.
(Notice the alligator in the lower right quadrant.
Keeps birds/herons away from frightening fish (I hope).
Top 1
A view of the second deck.
Top 1
Closeup of the waterfall.

Now that's aeration baby!

Top 1 An $8 Home Depot lily (not tropical).
Parrot feathers surrounding it.
Note - I feed my lilies a lot, at least once a week
putting in about a 1/5 piece of a Jobes Evergreen Spike (18-8-8).
Plus I toss a couple whole spikes in the top pond every week.

Top 1 A "Director Moore" tropical lily (about $35).
The most prolific lily I have ever had. As many as 4 blooms at one.
Up 10 buds at a time. Extraordinary!
Of four others I bought this year, only one ("August Foch") has
any buds (4) so far. Disappointing really.
Top 1
Mare's Tale/ Grows very well.
Only had about 4 stalks when I put it in.
Pruned it twice since then.
About 12" tall.
Top 1
Walmart plants (dunno names) on the discharge tray of the filter.
Each pot has holes in the bottom where it draws water.
I just put a fertilizer tab in once in awhile otherwise leave them alone.
The plant in the foreground with the big leaves is a Black Taro sitting in about 5" of water. (New this year)
The leaves are new as the original ones were way much smaller.
$12 at a local pond place.
Top 1
The reeds are 6' to 8' tall.
Started with one or two 6 or 7 years ago
and they just spread from year to year.
On the left are the Black Taro leaves.
You can see a mesh basket sticking up just to the right of the rock. I have two of them and a put a few pieces of duckweed in each one which spreads to cover the surface in less than a week. Now I just scoop out a cupful a couple times a week and toss it in the bottom pond for the fish there. Fresh salad for the boys.
Top 1 Ground view of Extension.
The iris are about 4' tall.
I had to put in a "fence" (1/2" pvc pipe) to keep the iris from leaning over, especially when windy. Plus when they lean over they steal sun from the other plants in the pond. The top of it is tied to the 4x4 posts on the other side with nylon twine in several places. The bottom of the "fence posts" are just stuck in the gravel. (Note I didn't glue the joints either. That will make it easy to take down in the winter after the iris die back.)
That's a $10 canna lily (from BJ's) on the walkway.
Top 1
Wave Petunias on the top deck.

End 2007 -07 Pictures

"He can compress the most words
into the smallest idea of any man I know."
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

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