Lily Feeder

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This one's pretty simple. To get lilies to bloom prolifically they need to be fed. Well getting the feed to the roots is always a problem. Just putting fertilizer in the water and letting it dissolve is okay but doesn't get to the lilies specifically.

It's a particular problem for me because I ain't all that keen on hauling my hefty ass over the railing to get in the pond to begin with. So standing there pondering on it, I reasoned out a better way.

One form of lily feed comes in is in little pellets (called "tabs"). They look like they have been cut off a round dowel about a half inch thick and are about a half inch long.

What I ended up doing (after a number of other schemes, which for dignity's sake are best left unmentioned) was take a 3' length of half inch PVC pipe and stuck a tab in the end. The tabs are slightly bigger than the inside diameter of the pipe I had, (Pipe comes in different wall thicknesses so the tab just may fit inside some.) so I used a Dremel with a burr head tool and took out just enough material from the inside of the pipe for the tab to fit fairly snugly inside.

If the tab is a sloppy fit and won't stay in the pipe you could try smearing a little vasoline on the inside of the pipe for the tab to stick to.

Now the tab can be inserted into the pot with getting into the water to do it. Use a 4' long 3/8" dowel to push the tab out once you have it in the roots of the lily. (Actually I have found it better to hold the dowel and slide the pipe up. It's the same effect as pushing the tab out of the pipe.)

Pretty slick, huh? Saved $30 on one of those gripper tools too.

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