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I have a feedback form on most of my pages. I received this from one of the pond pages:

At Wednesday 8/30/2006 01:35 AM, Dean wrote:
Pond Letters,Excellent
Pond Comments,how do you build a pump for pushing water up hill using only plastic pipe and 2 check valves water from mountain streem or pipe through pond dam i had this information but lost it

I replied using a pretty standard reply to pond comments:
To: deanward@
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 8:34 AM
Subject: Re: Web Form Results

I have no idea. First I ever heard of it.

Thanks your note. Be sure to check out my other pond pages at: http://www.SwedesDock.com/pondlink.sht . You can "thank me" by going to: http://www.SwedesDock.com/parc.sht and "Voting" and I need your opinion on PARC (particularly criticism).
Glad you found the page useful. Don't forget to let me know how you make out with your pond.
Good luck .................Gösta

Dean sent this back:
At Wednesday 8/30/2006 12:44 PM, you wrote:
thank you for youre reply, this is what i remember:
take a 4inch pipe about 3ft long with a " t " joint on the water end put a check valve with water comming in on the other end put a check valve with water going out on the t put a 4in.pipe going up with a air valve dont need much air in it on the water side if mountain stream will need some sort of funnel to increase pressure. if pond will need pipe through dam with approx. 4or 5 ft drop as water comes in it will compress the air in the t pipe then check valve will close and the other check valve will open letting water out maby a cup full but this goes on 24/7 365 days water comes in compress the air then close other check valve will open air pushes water out then closes the other valve open and more water comes in compresses the air then close other valce opens conpressed air pushes water out the article i had a town had several of these rigged up and was pumping to a water tower using a mountain stream. my neighbor is hauling water and dumping it in cystern and he has a water shed lake on his property with a pull down pipe plenty of pressure i have been trying to tell him how to do this also how to break horses to work
P.S. i am 80 years old

To which, using my formidable engineering expertise, I replied:

To: "dean" ;
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 7:08 PM
Subject: Re: Web Form Results

I think your recollection has to be flawed. In order to raise water from its original height would require additional energy in some form (pump of some kind). Simple engineering really. Water rushing down from 1,000 feet (say) can only generate x lbs of pressure. And to raise it back up to 1,001 feet (say) would require more energy than than it could possibly generate. This is even more true when considering friction losses, etc.

Otherwise one could create a perpetual motion machine.

Wi' a wee doch-an-dorris ............................Gösta

Now Dean (who is 80 years old remember) didn't care to have his memory assaulted by a mere kid. Some 4 months later he responded:

At Wednesday 12/6/2006 08:25 AM, Dean wrote:
I found what i was looking for it is in www.Lehmans.com listed as Ram Automatic Pumping System page 122 of Lehmans catalog shows a complete diagram thank you
Dean Ward

Quite properly put in my place I responded:

At Wednesday 12/6/2006 11:25 AM, Gösta wrote:
I'm glad you found it. I was unaware of such a principle. Learn something new every day. From what I can glean (googling "how does Ram Pump work") is that falling water can create a pressure that can force water up a smaller pipe.

Roughly speaking, 1 gallon of water falling down a 1' pipe will create enough pressure to push 1 oz of water up a 1" pipe higher than where the 1 gallon started from. (numbers only theoretical for explanatory purposes.)

Thanks your reply, Dean. It's very much appreciated.

(Note aside - I'm not exactly a kid myself. Nearing 70. {grin})

Good luck to you and thanks for setting me straight.


So yes Virginia, water can flow uphill. (thanks to Dean)

How a Ram Pump works

End Water Uphill

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