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Large Pond
Pond Links

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The purpose of this page is to provide worthwhile links to other Large Pond pond pages that offer value/interest to ponders. If you have run across any other neat Large Pond sites, sendem in.

If you find a broken link, please let me know. Thanks.

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Large Pond Sites

Live cultures (for aquariums to large ponds)

A MUST Visit This is a GREAT place to start if you are thinking of a big pond. WEll worth a visit to see how a pond can be managed without chemicals.

Native Fish articles Find out about native fish. A long list of articles here.

Ask the Pond Boss... A big pond bulletin board.

PONDS An email list for Big Ponders. Very good. I have been a suscriber for years.

"Welcome to Broadwaters, the virtual pond WebPages. Here you will find enlightenment of the mysteries that create a special natural world in the woodlands, pastures, and backyards nearby.These small systems have life forms, atmosphere, and dynamics unique to themselves, and are at the same time a reflection of what is all around."

This place is well worth a visit for everybody.

This guy'll REALLY make you jealous.
He's in the Big Leagues.

Water Plant Identification Section. Pictures of waterplants.

Http:// to read about Bentinite (a pond seaer used for large ponds,>More on Bentonite

Aquatic Systems Inc. Looks to be a dandy resource or starter point for BIG PONDERS.

Aqua Technex - “Advancing the Science of Lake Management - Aquatechnex is a recognized leader in the field of lake and aquatic plant management. We help clients solve complex water quality problems worldwide. We develop and implement programs to restore aquatic sites impacted with invasive aquatic species. We provide a wide range of services to lake associations and units of government charged with managing lakes. We are Advancing the Science of Lake Management".

Purdue University Lake Page - "We have thousands of links to a variety of academic, governmental, commercial, organizational, and private aquaculture sites. Unless you know the title of the site you might find it useful to use our search. "

Here is another Fish Farm and Hatchery:

Ken's Hatchery and Fish Farms, Inc.
U.S. Highway 129 North
P.O. Box 449
Alapaha, GA 31622-0449
(912) 532-6135
1-877-KENFISH (toll free)

Foster Lake and Pond Management "A guide to lake and pond management."

Stocking, Assessment and Management Recommendations. From the Texas Agricultural Service. A large document (785k) in PDF format. Looks very good and has much on different pond fish.

Ohio Pond Management Bulletin 374
Ohio State University Extension Service bulletin on Small Pond Management (Big Ponds to us {grin})

A good primer on raising game and food fish in a small pond (1 acre area). Your own private fishing hole per se.

(Dusty's recco) LARGE POND TIPS

From Purdue University and deals with the use of fertilizers & lime in ponds.

Texas Sodium Bentonite For bedding of new ponds and for repairing leaking ponds. Required by govt in landfills and nuclear waste ponds so must be pretty good.

Spring CreekSpring Creek Aquatic Concepts For planning a BIG pond.

Pond And Lake Management Lotsa questions answered here. A good place for the BIG guys.

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