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A True Ponder (6k)
Gösta's 1999 Pictures
(These pictures were taken with a Sony Digital Camera (FD83).
They are all 640X480 .jpeg format running 60-100k in size.

Take notice of the clarity of the water.
It's 26-28" deep and you can still easily see the gravel in the bottom
{he said with a puffed chest}.)

My fish population is:

1) 9 koi (4 yrs old - 15-24"), only 2 cost more than $10.

2) 30-35 goldfish (2-4 yrs old, all feeders).

3) Half dozen shubunkins and larger fantails (2-4 yrs old), probably around $4 apiece.

4) 20+ smaller fantails and shubunkins (this year), $1 apiece from Zett's.

5) Something over a hundred/thousand guppies (this year), started with a buck's worth of feeders two years ago. Fished a few out in the fall and sent them to school where they second fiddled to The Queen in my wife's fourth grade class.

6) The Queen (lionhead, 1 year old).

A Stunning Red Lily.
I had quite a few of these this summer. Shame they only last a few days.
They are about the size of a saucer or a very large oversized coffee cup.

An Armored Plate Yellow Koi.
This is close to my biggest fish. He is pushing 24".

Bog Iris in the top pond.
A year old and grew to about 4'.
Have some beautiful delicate little flowers but
they only bloom once and then last a day or two. {pre camera too}

Small yellow & white lily.
They are quite delicate looking and are small
(about the size of small coffee cup).

White koi.
He's in the 15" area and is about 4 years old (as are all my koi).
Notice the white lionhead ("The Queen") just above his tail.
As you will see, she's a real camera hog.

Group of fish.
About a dozen goldfish, a couple comets,
half dozen shubunkins, 3 or 4 fantails and, of course,
The Queen.

The Queen.
A closer look. She's about a year old.
Spent the first part of her life in a 4th grade aquarium. Was a hit too.
The lionhead fantail just below her is going on two years old and is bigger than her.
Won't be for long though the way she eats.
The floating food is ......, what else?, Friskies cat food.

I just wish I could have avoided the shadow glare.
Maybe one day I will take a photography course.{sigh}

Stainless Steel Filter.
Last winter I got tired of looking at that old barrel and decided to build one out of plywood and fiberglass it. Well I built it okay and some friends who were fiberglassing their boat offered to do the filter box at the same time. When I got it back it leaked like a sieve, even squirting water right through the sides. I trust they did a better job with their boat (it's not finished yet.) Geez.

So I built another one and another friend (a "fiberglass expert") glassed it for me. This one didn't have (too many) leaks through the sides, BUT ... it started to come apart at the seams. It seems the coloring he used to tint the glass was for water based paints and never let the glass cure properly.
(To be fair I supplied the tinting. Got it are the "right price" (free) from a friend who owns a hardware store. {groan})

So taking no more chances I went to a local sheet metal shop that does stainless work and had this one made.
Supposed to be forever and looks damn good.
Doesn't leak either.

It's 2' wide by 4' long and 2' deep.

The discharge chute.
That's a solid 1/2" wall of water coming down there.
100,000 gallons per day.
The chute is cut on a bias (one side longer than the other) to give a better view,
so the chute is nearly 3' wide even though the filter is only 2' wide.
It's about an 8" fall. I may try raising it to about a foot if I can talk Kevin into it {grin}.

An end view of the whole pond.
The railing is 32" high. You can see the waterfall with the bog Iris on top.
Those are tomato plants in the foreground. My first time with tomatoes.
Probably my last too. Bugs, blossom rot, watering, neighbors' doing better, ... So much easier to buy them.

A couple smaller koi
You can see the bucket my pump is in and the 11/2" pipe coming out. It goes straight into the filter. No turns or elbows of any kind. By increasing the pipe size 1/4" and eliminating elbows (5) in the old piping, the same pump now delivers more than twice the water. It took 21/2 minutes to fill the filter before and less than a minute now with the new piping. I calculated it to be over 4,200 gallon per hour now.

Bears fishing in the waterfall
This picture was taken at night.

Water Hyacinth
A gorgeous flower but it only last one day.

End of 1999 Pictures (so far ...)
(Note - I made the pictures ( called "Thumbnails") pretty small to cut down on loading time. Just click on the Thumbnail to see a blowup (about 4X), then click your BACK button to come back. Click on either side of the Thumbnail to see BIG and BIGGER pictures.

(Tip - right click and the BACK button is right there!)

Screen Shot (108k) Thumbnail (4k) Bigger yet (226k)
Side View of Upper pond (1996)
This gives a pretty good idea of how the upper pond is constructed. It rests on what was the top of the old railing and extends over to the fence (about 6') where it sits on a heavy cleat bolted to the fence posts. Underneath it I have put some old rugs for Samantha's Clubhouse.

The hose you see is part of a pool pump & sand filter I had hooked up just for fun. It was left over from a previous filtering attempt (Pre Lava Rock). I have since sold them to another Ponder who I convinced to dump the sand and use lava rock instead. Wish I had thought of it sooner and done it myself. Wouldda save me a lot of experimentation with the barrel types (the one I have now is probably model IV or V).

Screen Shot (83k) Thumbnail (4k) Bigger yet (180k)
Samantha and Friends(1997)
Just threw this one in because it's a neat picture. Samantha's the one in the middle. Would you believe she's 70 lbs? Holds her own though. The tall one is Marley, Kevin's buddy. The other bruiser is Duncan, my daughter Kirstin's baby. No, they don't live here too, just visiting Samantha.
Screen Shot (118k) Thumbnail (5k) Bigger yet (256k)
Overhead Side View (1996)
There framework you see over the pond is from when we put an awning up in an attempt to keep the algae from growing (pre lava filter days). It's since been cut down since we want the sun now. In the larger blow-ups you can see a child's plastic rake I fastened to a longer handle I use to pick up debris with. Works pretty well.
Screen Shot (118k) Thumbnail (4k) Bigger yet (256k)
A Waterfall View (1996)
The pot with the two spike plants that appears to be floating is actually sitting on a flat rock jutting out from the waterfall.

You can see pieces of plywood I had put on each side of the waterfall to try to keep the splash loss down. (I have since done some water redirection which keeps the splash pretty minimal and don't have the plywood there anymore.)

Screen Shot (94k) Thumbnail (4k) Bigger yet (203k)
Sagitaria in Old Pond (1995)
Look at that piddly little ole waterfall. Shoulda been ashamed of myself. Course when it was the only one around it was pretty neat.

This gives you an idea of how high the sagitaria can grow. It's sort of distorted here though. I promise you I kept it down at the waterfall end. Notice the delicate little white flowers which are mostly spawned out here.

Screen Shot (159k) Thumbnail (5k) Bigger yet (218k)
My barrel filter right after it was finished. (1996)
( I forget now why I had the short piece of white PVC pipe you see sticking out of the top. Probably just another brilliant idea that didn't work out. Not there anymore.)

You can just make out the discharges next to the flower pot going into the top pond that feeds the waterfall.

Screen Shot (166k) Thumbnail (3k) Bigger yet (145k)
Mrs. Smith (1995)
The goldfish are probably about 3 or 4 years old. The white fish (Mrs. Smith) is a koi that was one year old here. I put six small ones (maybe 4" long) the fall before and they all grew to a foot or more in one year. Never had any since that grew that fast or that big before or since.

The plants here are sagitaria we planted the first year and they've been proliferating ever since. Gotta keep pruning them back. They get tiny little delicate white flowers just before they pop the spore out. Some of then grow up to 3' tall.

The water here is about 18" deep here and you can see still see some gravel (was mostly mud bottom at this end of the old pond).

Thumbnail (5k)
A Local Pond (1996)
See the nice job Carl did in his front yard. Sit on the front porch, drink a beer in the shade on a hot summer afternoon. What could be better?

Carl's one a the guys I got started. Naturally he did a better job. That's what FORCED me into enlarging mine and putting in the upper pond.{grin}

NOW he starting a BIG one in his back yard (wooden bridges and everything). Don't know what I'm gonna do. Gettin sort of pressed for room. But ...........

Thumbnail (5k)
Carl's Waterfall (1996)
Carl's pond is about 500 gallons. See the nice little waterfall he's got. Wish I had a better picture of it, it's really neat.

You can just see his barrel (about 20 gallons) peeking up behind it. Notice the single sagitarius. It's growing in a small pot. Carl doesn't have any gravel or dirt on the bottom of his pond so the only stuff he has growing is in pots..

Thumbnail (5k)
Parrot Feathers (1996)
A closeup of parrot feathers in Carl's pond. They are neat little plants that grow up out of the water. Look like little pine trees. They multiply pretty good too so you only have to buy a couple at the beginning of the season. Cold weather gets them though.

The big plant is a cattail. Nothing stops those babies. They overran my pond, grew six feet tall and kept blowing over in a decent breeze (probably because they couldn't get their roots down deep enough. Carl has his in a large flower pot and that seems to contain it. We pick them up growing wild around lakes and such.

A Canadian Pond
(jpeg file 44k) Fred (fellow ponder) sent from Canada.

A much better Picture (jpeg 83k file)

Yet another picture (jpeg file 61k) from Fred.
Nice Pond Fred!!!

Dino & Mimi (gif 303k)
sent this picture of a gorgeous pond but I lost their address.
It's somewhere in California iirc. Mea culpa.
(Note - the water in the following 1998 pictures is 27-30" deep so you can see how well the filters work. I just wish I was a better photographer. The water is actually clearer than it appears here (glare and shadows I guess). Colors are more vibrant too. The light purple lobellia flowers you see on the sides are actually a deep rich purple, almost blue, but appear washed out in the pictures.
Screen Shot (219k) Thumbnail (3k)
Super (cheap) Skimmer in Action (1998)
It ain't pretty but it does the job!!!
Big Screen Shot (219k) Thumbnail (1k)
Fish round the Rocks. (1998)
Those big rocks are like small boulders but are sandstone and weigh almost nothing. I have arranged them so the fish can swim under and seek shelter in "caves" and the like. The yellow fish is a 2 year old koi and is about 14-15" long. The others are mixed koi and mostly gold fish.
Big Screen Shot (301k) Thumbnail (1k)
Fish round the Planter (1998).
As you can see the planter has large stones on top of the dirt. The stones have to be too big for the koi to move else they dig the plants to get at the roots. (That's what happened to my sagitaria. They killed it all). The orange and black koi in the lower right corner was smaller than my yellow koi this spring but is now noticeably larger (probably close to 18"). I've seen him eat as many as 11 Friskies in one feeding!

Big Screen Shot (301k) Thumbnail (1k)
My Waterfall (1998)
The lobellia in the lower left corner is actually a gorgeous purple and the petunias on the right hand side are a striking pink.
Dunno why they don't show up better. It doesn't look like much water coming down the fall but believe me it is.
You can see the Parrot Feathers making their way down the front of the rocks. By September (now early July), they will have covered the whole thing. I'll try to remember to take a picture then.
A Full View (901k) Thumbnail (1k)
A dandy pond
These are pictures are from Mimi & Dino, Sacramento CA.
Click on the Thumbnail to see a "before" picture.
Thumbnail (1k)
Another dandy pond
A picture someone else sent (?).
Nice job somebody again (sorry I lost your name).

Drew's Pond in Connecticut.
(Drew said: "The picture with the smaller pond and cement waterfall 'hides your biofilter.'
This one's a 50 gallon plastic can filled with 50 pounds of lava rock.
Out of sight yet functional." )

Absolutely the best filter housing I have ever seen
from: JBU8047150@AOL.Com.
Looks just like part of the pond. Ask him for details.
He says he only has to flush once a year.
His water is very clear. Maybe he doesn't get much sun.
Take a look at this dandy conversion from a swimming pool to a pond.
Overall picture (a little too dark).
Lava Rock filter and waterfall/stream.
Nice job Gus.
Dave Anderson's Pics ().
The 1200 gal pond.
A piece of an impressive 60' meandering stream.
The result of four years (so far) of "tinkering" .
Dandy job Dave.

Anybody who wants to send a .jpg (preferred) or .gif file, I'll post it as well. Please include a short description to post with it.

End Pond Pictures(c)

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