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PB Newby Tips ,Good
Comments-,Pretty damn good really, having been a PB user for over 14 years and always trying to code the hard way I forget there are easier ways.

Your tips and links are perfect for new PB programmers.

Tip With the cursor on a keyword F1 pops up the PB Manual open to the keyword. (An outstandingly handy feature of PB.)
Tip It may help to consider Dialogs as individual independent Windows within the program and Controls as dependent "children" or small windows within a Dialog.
Tip ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use "#Dim All" at the top of your code
Tip Learn to use MACROs
Tip ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use LBOUND and UBOUND when referencing Array ends. (see Trace Instructions below)
Jelly Fish Highly recommend to get a dedicated PB editor.
The editor that comes with PB is fine but JellyFish has some indispensible features once gotten used to.
Tip - JF has options to color different function/keywords. For example, I find it very helpful to use a Yellow background for remarks, blue text for keywords, green bg for strings.
Bare Bones A well commented program containing only the absolute barest minimum of code to create a GUI and access a Callback. (You could do worse than starting here.)
SubClassing Explanation A Good explanation and guide to Subclassing.
Note the Subclassing example that comes with: PowerBasic8/Samples/SubClass/SubClass.bas
is fairly easy to Cut&Paste into existing code. A great place to start.
Trace Instructions Got mysterious GPF's? Or other errors? Here's how to find them easily and quickly. Tip - You'll have a lot fewer if you religiously use BOUNDS on your arrays.
Spinner example A Bare Bones example to set up a Spinner using the Arrow Keys.
Sudoku Puzzle A neat little Sudoku "scratchsheet". I wrote it as an exercise using EZGUI 3.0. (Includes source code.)
(Unzip to a folder and run Sudoku.exe).)
Simple Database My personal DOS database program I converted to PB. It's the first practical application I did in PB (2002). Not sophisticated but super handy (for me anyway). (Includes source code.)
(Unzip to a folder and run MyDataBase.exe).)
POFFS POFFS is a downloadable searchable database by Borje Hagstrom of PB Forums (as of Aug 2005).
Highly Highly recommended.
MUCH faster searching offline than searching the PB Forums online.
(Site maintained by Don Ewald)
Windows Messaging A good explanation of messaging by Chris Boss
Tool Tips Tool Tip balloons are a neat and handy addition to any program.
ToolTips2.Inc (It has a Remove function.)
EZ Post
(exe 128k)
as of 04/11/2006
Great little text editor for posting to the PB Forum, formatting email, HTML code, dirty dishes, ...
(Note - to get all the extra features (Taglines, Sayings, Jumble Word Solver, etc), you'll have to use the Zip file version below.)
(Just save to a folder and run EZ-Post.exe.)
EZ Post
(zip file 700k)
as of 07/02/2006
(Includes source code and all files needed to run from PB editor if wanted).
(Unzip to a folder and run EZ-Post.exe).)
EZGUI A free "screen builder" and other stuff. Very good to get started with.
Message Pump" Gazette article explaing how/why/what a "Message Pump "is.
Fred's Shack Lots of good info and reccos for an "advanced" beginner.
PB Gazettes All PB Gazette articles. (Good stuff)
Callback Messages A tidbit on CallBack Messages and which belong to which type controls.
Program Bundler Useful to put ALL the program files (source, includes, resources, etc.) in one folder for Zipping up.
Virtual List Boxes More advanced than beginner but Wow! are they neat (and fast). I have one application where over 20,000 items are displayed and scrolled in real time.
Newby Conversations A really good read for Newbies.
Making Bar Menus A demo of using arrays for Bar Menus

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