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The Lavallette Lovgrens Weather Station

Data generated by an Oregon Scientific WMR200a Weather Station
Display courtesy of Cumulus software

Views of Lovely Lavallette

Note - I will endeavor to update the current readings above of The Lavallette Lovgrens Weather Station daily.

Historical Records below only date from Oct 30, 2011.
They will probably be updated weekly, or so, or when significant new records have been set (Best laid plans ... and all that.)).
Historical Records updated last on November 27, 2011

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"The superior man, when resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come.
When in a state of security he does not forget the possibility of ruin.
When all is orderly, he does not forget that disorder may come.
Thus his person is not endangered,
and his States and all their clans are preserved.
Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC)

"Every normal man must be tempted at times
to spit upon his hands,
hoist the black flag,
and begin slitting throats."
Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956)

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that virginity would be thought a virtue
and not the barrier that separates ignorance from knowledge."
-- Voltaire

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but to live manfully."
Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881)

The aim of flattery
is to soothe and encourage us
by assuring us of the truth of an opinion
we have already formed about ourselves.
Edith Sitwell

"Why don't you write books people can read?"
Nora Joyce to her husband James (1882-1941)



Latest: This is the latest reading of the 'short-term' speed.
Gust: This is the highest value in the last 10 minutes of the 'short-term' values.
Average: This is the longer-term or average value.
Sometimes this is taken directly from the station,
and sometimes it is a 10-minute average calculated by Cumulus.

Readings and Images above were taken from Cumulus software
"Wind Run" is (effectively) how many miles you would have traveled
since midnight were you as fast as the wind. - (Source - Swede)

Another way to look at Wind Run it gives a feel for how windy it is/was on that day. - (Source - Swede)

Wind run is measurement of the "amount" of wind passing the station
during a given period of time, expressed in "miles of wind".
For Example:
Average Wind Speed = 5 mph
Archive Interval = 30 minutes (0.5 hours)
Wind Run = 5 mph x 0.5 hours = 2.5 miles of wind
(Source - Davis Instruments)

Wind chill: The term used to describe the rate of heat loss on the body resulting from the combined effect
of low temperature and wind. As winds increase, heat is carried away from the body at a faster rate,
driving down both the skin temperature and eventually the internal body temperature. (Source - Medicine Net)
Heat Index - A measurement of the air temperature in relation to the relative humidity,
used as an indicator of the perceived temperature.
Also called apparent temperature. -(Source The Free Online Dictionary)
Forecast - Note that this is a 'forecast' for the following 12 hours or so; it is not a
'nowcast' (what the weather is doing now). Please regard the forecast as 'for entertainment purposes only'.
Do not base any decisions on it, and bear in mind that it is a very simple calculation based on
only a few basic parameters. (Source Cumulus Wiki)
Dew Point -The dew point is a temperature at which the air becomes saturated.
But as most weather definitions go, this is too simple of a definition. (Source - Weather Savvy)

The temperature at which the air can no longer hold moisture given the current relative humidity
and will rain or snow or get foggy or .... (Source - Swede)
Relative Humidity - Relative humidity is a term used to describe the amount of water vapor
in a mixture of air and water vapor. It is defined as the partial pressure of water vapor in the air-water mixture,
given as a percentage of the saturated vapor pressure under those conditions. The relative humidity
of air thus changes not only with respect to the absolute humidity (moisture content)
but also temperature and pressure, upon which the saturated vapor pressure depends.
Relative humidity is often used instead of absolute humidity in situations where the rate of water evaporation is important,
as it takes into account the variation in saturated vapor pressure. (Source - Wikipedia)

How much moisture the air is holding. (Source - Swede)
Cloud Base -
The cloud base (or the base of the cloud) is the lowest altitude of the visible portion of the cloud.
It is traditionally expressed either in meters or feet above mean sea level (or planetary surface),
or as the corresponding pressure level in hectopascal (hPa, equivalent to millibar). (Source Wikipedia)

How does Cumulus know the height of the cloud base?
It doesn't. It uses a calculation which gives the theoretical height above ground level at which
Cumulus clouds might form, based on the current temperature and dew point. It assumes that the
difference between temperature and dew point decreases by about 4.4 degrees Fahrenheit per
1000 feet increase in altitude. When the two values coincide, the air is saturated (relative humidity = 100%) and
Cumulus clouds may form. (Source - Cumulus FAQ)

What are Cumulus Clouds?
Large, white, puffy clouds that generally appear during fair weather, although they also
form thunderheads on hot days. Some carry rain. Source - (Dictionary.com )

"I have come to believe
the whole world is an enigma,
a harmless enigma made terrible
by our own mad attempt to interpret it
as though it had an underlying truth."
Umberto Eco

Boxing the Compass
North 0East 90South 180West 270
N ¼ E 3E ¼ S 93S ¼ W 183W ¼ N 273
N ½ E 6E ½ S 96S ½ W 186W ½ N 276
N by E ¼ N 8E by S ¼ E 98S by W ¼ S188W by N ¼ W278
N by E 11E by S 101S by W 191W by N 281
N by E ¼ E 14E by S ¼ S104S by W ¼ W194W by N ¼ N284
N by E ½ E 17E by S ½ S107S by W ½ W197W by N ½ N287
NNE ¼ N 20ESE ¼ E 110WSW ¼ S 200WNW ¼ W 290
NNE 23ESE 113SSW 203WNW 293
NNE ¼ E 25ESE ¼ S 115SSW ¼ W 205WNW ¼ N 295
NE by N ½ N 28SE by E ½ E118SSW ½ W 208WNW ½ N 298
NE by N ¼ N 31SE by E ¼ E 121SW by W ¼ W211NW by W ¼ W301
NE by N 34SE by E 124SW by W 214NW by W 304
NE by N ¼ E 37SE by E ¼ S127SW by W ¼ S217NW by W ¼ N307
NE ½ N 39SE by E ½ S129SW ½ S 219NW ½ W 309
NE ¼ N 42SE by ¼ E 132SW ¼ S 222NW ¼ W 312
NE 45SE 135SW 225NW 315
NE ¼ E 48SE by ¼ S 138SW ¼ W 228NW ¼ N 318
NE ½ E 51SE b ½ S 141SW ½ W 231NW ½ N 321
NE by E ¼ N 53SE by E ¼ E 143SW by W ¼ S233NW by W ¼ W323
NE x E 56SE by S 146SW by W 236NW by W 326
NE by E ¼ E 59SE by S ¼ S149SW by W ¼ W239NW by N ¼ N329
NE by E ½ E 62SE by S ½ S152SW by W ½ W242NW by N ½ N332
ENE ¼ N 65SSE ¼ E 155WSW ¼ S 245NNW ¼ W 335
ENE 68SSE 158WSW 248NNW 338
ENE ¼ E 70SSE ¼ S 160WSW ¼ W 250NNW ¼ N 340
ENE ½ E 73SSE ½ S 163WSW ½ W 253NNW ½ N 343
E by N ¼ N 76S by E ¼ E 166W by S ¼ S256N by W ¼ W346
E by N 79S by E 169W by S 259N by W 349
E by N ¼ E 82S by E ¼ S 172W by S ¼ W262N by W ¼ N352
E ½ N 84S ½ E 174W ½ S 264N ½ W 354
E ¼ N 87S ¼ E 177W ¼ S 267N ¼ W 357
East 90South 180West 270North 360
Note - Each ¼ compass point = 2.8125 degrees.
Degrees shown are rounded off to the nearest whole degree
Sailors steer by degrees.
Seamen by compass points.

"I could give my opinion, but saying nothing
gives the same value for less effort.
Kurt Kuzba

Weather Radar loop of the continental USA.
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A Hard Breeze
Smell of rain in the air.

A quick little Celsius vs Fahrenheit table.
C F----- C F
-60 -76 0 32
-50 -58 10 50
-40 -40 20 68
-30 -22 30 86
-20 -4 40 104
-10 +14 50 122

Lavallette Lovgrens Weather Station

"If you are going through hell,
keep going."
Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

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